Acclaimed action director Benny Chan takes the post of co-producer alongside international star and fellow co-producer Donnie Yen in this crime thriller with Yen playing former high-ranking Hong Kong police inspector Eugene Lai. His wife is on a clandestine mission overseas when Lai receives news her squad was attacked by unidentified assailants leaving all dead except for his spouse, whose fate is unknown. Lai hurries to save her but is pursued by the double forces of local police and mafia intent on killing him. Determined to get to the bottom of the dark mysteries surrounding the case, Lai accidentally finds out the mastermind is an enigmatic drug lord known as the Poet. Lai rallies his comrades-in-arms to engage in a “Scorch the Poet” campaign that in turn reveals the startling secrets concealed behind the scenes.


Donnie Yan


Producer Benny Chan
Producer Donnie YEN
Director Benny Chan