Legend of the Demon Cat

Legend of the Demon Cat


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Legend of the Demon Cat is adapted from Shamon Kukai Tou no kuni nite oni to utage su, a novel written by the famous Japanese writer Yumemakura Baku. It tells a story in Tang Dynasty (around 850 AD) about a Chinese poet and a Japanese monk investigating into the mysterious death of Concubine Yang, the most beautiful Concubine in Chinese history, following the lead of several strange events made by a demon cat.


Shota Sometani
Huang Xuan
Yuqi Zhang
Qin Hao
Hiroshi Abe
Liu Haoran
Oho Ou
Sandrine Pinna
Edward Zhang


Executive Producer Albert Yeung
Executive Producer Cao Huayi
Executive Producer Tsuguhiko Kadokawa
Executive Producer Chen Hong
Co-producer Albert Lee
Co-producer Kao Hsiu-Lan
Co-producer Tian Tian
Co-producer Shinichiro Inoue
Director CHENG Kai-ge
Based on the novel by Baku Yumemakura
Screenplay by Hui-Ling Wang
Screenplay by CHENG Kai-ge